April 19 and 20, 2002 - RCA Dome Indiannapolis

Where's Sting?!?Looking for the painted one - on the big screen"What will you do when we find him Nikita?""I will crush him like a.... Little Scorpion Bug!!!""Sting come back into the world - we will give you everything...""We're your friends Sting!!!""Come with us, we'll give you drugs, sex, alcohol....""Don't turn your back on us friend!!!""I don't think he's listening Ted - should I beat it into him??""See what you made me do Sting?  You shouldn't refuse us!!!""We're you're friends Sting - that's why we offered you the world!!""Now the world crushes you Sting!!""Lord, no one else can give me the strength to overcome my worldly desires...""Come into my heart Lord Jesus....""Thank you for the strength to overcome, Lord....""The world was leading us on a path to death and hell, deafting us at every turn..." "But with Christ, we overcame death and destruction - wouldn't you like to know Him as well?""Accept Christ as your Savior, He is the only way to the Father and Heaven"

Backstage Photo Opps

PWA members played Sting's worldly desires - here they are in character...and out: Scotty, Rob, George Jr, George Sr, Jason, ButchWow, who's these great looking fella's?The guys with Ron Luce, director of Aquire the FireTawni, Nikita, Victoria, Sting, Sue Borden, TedVictoria, Nikita, Tim (webservant), Sting, Sue, TedThe Koloffs, The Quinns, The Bordens, TedSting with Kendra, Kolby and the Luce kidsJeff King was along to work the products boothe - "Big smile Jeff!"Kendra with the Christian Rock Band Superchic(k)

November 16, 2002 - Cleveland

Table help - Tim, Ron and MattAutograph SessionTim Randolph and StingNikita: "You're supposed to look scared!!"  Tim: "I know, but I can't quit laughin'!!"