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Russian NightmareGoldberg Who??????Maximum Intensity!!Bring It On!!!Nikita and Magnum best of seven seriesNikita and Ivan KoloffThe Russian Bear and The Russian NightmareThe Superpowers - Nikita and DustyNikita and DustyLegends, L-R:  Abe Jacobs, "Mr. Wrestling" Tim Woods, Nikita, Rene Gulet, Louie Telet nikita_crusher.jpg (74142 bytes)

Nikita, Baron Von Rashka, IvanIn route: The Late Bruiser Brody and Terry Gordy in front, Nikita looking up aisle.Japan - 1987:  Using the chain on Chosu.Krusher hitting Chosu, Nikita setting up Yatsu for the Russian Sickle!Double Teaming Yatsu - Japan, 1987.No one can stand against the Russians!Krusher prepares........for a back breaker!Nikita battles Ric Flair.


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The Japanese are huge wrestling fans - feel free to interpret....

Japanese Magazine CoverJapanese Magazine CoverJapanese Magazine CoverNWA Invades JapanThe Russians In ActionNikita and Krusher in Japan

The Japanese "Loved" US!!We gave the Japanese "Russian" Nightmares!!Ah, on to Victory, again!

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