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The Russian Nightmare"What a bloody good time I'm having....""Ummm, protein!""No, Magnum, it isn't helping.  I still have that buzzing in me ear...""I'm sorry Mag, did I knock you down?  Here, let me help you back up...." Remorse over a respected fallen comrade.

"Gee Animal, it's really hard scratchin' your back with these shoes on....""Ah Dusty, my friend.  Big hug! Big hug!"Super MenSuper Team"Superpowers" win Crockett Cup

"I found one! I found one!  Nikta! You do have a hair on your head - you could be "Beautiful", too!!""Here Nikita, maybe if I help you with a running start. you can clear the top rope this time....""Hold still Ric! I'll get that spider off your leg!""Hey Lex, who you lookin' at?""Gee Manny, can't you just use a straight razor like other barbers?""I can fly! I can fly.....  OUCH!! No I can't! No I can't!"

The original Russian team - Nikita, Ivan, Don KernodleLessons from Coach Kernodle.Victory for the new Russians:  The Mad Russian and Vladimir Koloff managed by NikitaVladimir gets the victory.Vladimir and Nikita



Americans love their wrestling - Part 2

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NWA Hall of Fame Induction

(photos by Christine Coons)

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