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32301nik1.jpg (16061 bytes)32301nik2.jpg (60809 bytes)32301nik3.jpg (90781 bytes)32301nik4.jpg (65578 bytes)32301nik5.jpg (64885 bytes)32301nik6.jpg (72561 bytes)32301nik_ivan.jpg (78152 bytes)32301russians.JPG (63083 bytes)russians-1201.jpg (31507 bytes)Nikita takes it to Cactus Jack (Mankind / Mick Foley)

"OW! My teeth hurt!!""We're the champs???  Really!?!?!""Check out my belt!!"Ouch!  That's gotta hurt!The Russians take it to Precious Paul Ellering.

Arn Anderson tries to eliminate Nikita in the Bunkhouse Stampede.Diamond Dallas Paige gets a hammerlock on Nikita.Lean, mean, and.... Russian!!Mike Rotunda (before he became IRS) works on Nikita.The Russians double team Hawk.4-Horseman Tully Blanchard tries to flip Nikita - to no avail.Nikita sets up a flip on Magnum TA.What's left of Magnum TA's porsche after the wreck that turned Nikita good


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