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Nikita and film star Gary Busey.Clowning around.Nikita with Pastor Geudeax and former Viking Alan Rice.Nikita with Martin Foil, Bob Blackburn and (guess who the )TV Star (is)...Nikita with Minnesota Viking Joe Jackson.Nikita with Green Bay Packer Robert Brooks (originator of the "Lambeau Leap").Nikita with Dan Manuci at an athletic conference.Nikita and Victoria with "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.Nikita with personal friend - Football Hall of Famer Roman Gabriel. James "Bone Crusher" Smith32301trio.jpg (68233 bytes)Nikita with former wrestlers Harley and RustyLEGENDS:  Nikita, Uncle Ivan, "Mr. Wrestling" Tim Woods, Ted DiBiaseNikita with baseball pitching legend Tommy JohnIvan and the Mrs.Nikita with Minnesota Viking Joe Jackson and Larry Karachuck (CFL standout) - Head of Athletes International MinistriesThe Koloffs with Nascar Legend Lake Speed and Mrs. SpeedIn South Africa with Pastor John Wagner and Miami Dolphin Brock MarionCan you guess who this soap star is?Nikita and NBA great Tommy BurelsonSal, "Mr. Wrestling", and VladimerNew PPL Team: Sting, Ted and NikitaSting, Ted and Nikita with friends George and Kathy KingNikita and TedNikita and Ted with NFL World Champions Rams QB Kurt WarnerKendra with Christian Rock Band "Jake"Tawni with Christian Rock Band "Jake"Nik with Gary Bussey and Mr. Wrestling Tim WoodsToo many wrestlers!!  Nikita, Gary Royal, Thomas Street (and wife Debbie) and "Big Hoss"Nikita, Ted, and Steve with Raiders RB Napoleon KaufmanNikita with Redskin's QB and Superbowl MVP Doug WilliamsNikita with the "voice" of the Duke Blue Devils Bob HarrisNikita with PWA Champion Chris SamsonNikita with PWA #1 Contender and Monster Truck Driver Chad FortuneNikita and NY Giant linebacker Harry CarsonNikita and Olympic Bobsled Driver Bruce RosselliNikita with former Redskin's WR Charlie BrownNikita and former Bills QB Jim KellyNikita with Oklahoma Lt. Governor Mary FallinDon Kernodle - "...taught me everything I know about wrestling!"Nikita with PrePaid Legal founder Harland Stonecipher and wife ShirleyNikita with Paul J. Meyer, Founder - Success Motivational InstituteNikita with Joe Laurenitis and the Stoneciphers.l"We meet again."Joe and Nikita with Fran Tarkenton"Nikita - do a 10 yard curl, Animal - go long!!"ATF 2002 - Cleveland Nikita and Steve Borden visit "The Jake"Nikita and Animal with Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmonson.with Animal and NBA Legend Rick Barry.Kevin McDonald, John Outlaw, John Joyce, Nikita, AnimalKendra and Nikita with Christian rock band Superchic(k) singerwith longtime friend and the country's #1 gym owner, Jim YoungerNephew Nicholas and Kendra with...  well, you know :-)Tawni and Nikita with Christian supergroup "The Newsboys"With Actor Jordan and Lynn Rhodes Harlem Globetrotter Tyrone "Hollywood" BrownLeonard Black of the Washington Redskins

The Fabulous Celebrity Golf Tourney

A real life, honest to goodness, hole-in-one! Nikita thinks it's skill, we say it was the shirt!Nikita with  Governor Jesse (Jesse sports a beard - it's a "professor thing")

Wrestling Buddies

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With Tampa Bay QB Brad JohnsonWith NFL All-Star QB Brad Johnson and NBA All-Star Brad Daugherty. With NFL Ref. Gerald Austinwith the "Big Cat" Ernie LaddThe family with Big Daddy WeaveVictoria with unidentified man on left and "Larry" from Three's CompanyNikita finds a way to shut Jeff Foxworthy up... :-)NFL Legend Earl Morrel of the Colts and DolphinsWith TV's "Screech" and his wifeThe Russians todayBambiBambi and BoBoWith Bill Apter - now, and then (Bill's picture)

Blythewood, NC

Flair and JesseNikita and BIG HossNikita with BIG Hoss and FlairFlair and D.J.