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Humble Beginnings

Nikita's Mother, Olive.Mom and Dad.Mom and Dad, again.Me, age 1.A few months later: still cute!!!High School - 1976:  Robin Football.  Tight End - Defensive End.Moorhead State University - Tight EndWho, me?!?!Who's that fella?!


My Family

God's handywork - what an awesome God!!Kendra's first fish.Kolby's first fish.Nikita and Kolby.Nikita an Kolby.At Malibu Beach.The family at an Easter Pageant (look out Sting, there's another actor in town :-)Two of Nikita's Four PrincessesHappy Birthday "Sweet 16"!"I can't believe it!""Are they cure or what?!?""My little computer guru"Kendra and best friend LorainKolby and best friend Mattie"We're Sisters!"What a smile!"What is it?"Nephew Justin and KolbyNikita with his sister Lori and KendraOn the road



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