AIM 2003



Shawn looks for a tableSting interviewed by Bishop WallaceGeorge "The Animal" Steele interviewed by Wallace"That's not a turnbuckle, George!!""Ooo Baby, Baby" Sidney Justin of the Rams, AND Smokey Robinson and the Miracles shares a song...


Nikita and Karl WilliamsNik, Superstar, Terry TaylorNikita and Colts CB Kim Anderson.  Bills WR J.D. Hill looks on.Nikita and Joe "Timex" BarnesNikita and friend Don ElredDon, Nikita, Superstar Billy Graham, and Terry TaylorTawni, Vic, and Nik with American Gladiator "Malibu" (Deron McBee) and Hollywood Stuntman Gary KasperNikita with stars of the Professional Bullriders Association. Webmaster Tim Quinn and wife Kaye with Road Warriors and Billy GrahamSidney Justin and Kim AndersonSid and Kim with the QuinnsTim and Greg ValentineHawk and AnimalTim and ShawnTerry Taylor with the Rodeo starsTim and Jim Myers (aka George Steele)Jim and Pat Myers

The Banquet

Master's of Ceremony Dan Manucci and Marilyn Manning MimsGreat hosts!The wrestlers "Do-wop" as Joe sings..."Hey Ted, you "Doo'ed when you should have Wopped..."

"And now it's time to announce..."Joe Jackson interviews George Steele

The Pete Maravich Award Winner

"Truly and honor to receive..."A.I.M.'s highest honor


The Baptisms

Don ElredShowing their love for Jesus and each otherTonga Kid and son show that obedience is better than sacrifice.Indy wrestler Johnny Ova shows his faith and obedience