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Bogata, Columbia - July 1997;  2nd opportunity to share the Gospel Bogata, Columbia - July 1997;  School OutreachLeading opening prayer for a charity golf tourney.Bogata, Columbia - July 1997Moldova (Formerly USSR) July 1998 with Henry (who spoke 5 languages at age 11)In the mission field, Singapore.Nikita and Ted Dibiase worshipping our Lord.Good friend Pastor Joe Phillips and familyOur good friend Pastor Henry and family.Nikita at a wrestling outreach with Ted Dibiase and Pastor Joe Phillips.Nikita with Pastor Jack Wallace and "The Million Dollar Man".News Clipping - "On A Mission"  (bigger file - may load slow)1223_npc_message.jpg (113703 bytes)32301vic.jpg (101511 bytes)Nikita on Radio:  "Calvary Perspectives", WYBZ 107.3 FM -  Zanesville, OhioWith "Calvary Perspectives" co-host: Todd ShiplettPondering.....Live broadcasts are fun!!With "Calvary Perspectives" host Pastor Doug Copen (right) and Todd ShiplettWith Youth Pastor Tim CrossEven pastors know wrestling!!Paryer Partner Todd HarveyVictoria and Melanie StewartRhema Ministries South AfricaRhema Church Pastor Cammy and wifeReal South African Worshippers!! :)Lincoln, Nikita's personal driver while in South AfricaUncle Ivan shares the GospelHawk shares the WordPastor Jay StewartOUCH!!! You sure your just a pastor?!?!?


Typical Costa RicaGlobal Expeditions Teen Mania - Costa Rica teamMichelle and TawniBus driver, Nikita and EdwardoA fun day in Costa RicaTawni and all the interpretersWhat a crew!!!Costa Rica Crusade - Nikita with interpreter EdwardoTawni and her roommates"Giddy-yup Tawni!!""I can still press the... uh.... BIG GUYS!!"Tawni paints dadFather and DaughterGeneral KoloffFernando - interpretorMy leaders Rob and TommyMinistering to a Costa RicanPreparing for ministryOur trip to the rain forest - really cool!!

Men's Retreat - Gatlinburg, Tn. - December, 2002

Prayer partner Todd HarveyUp, up and away!! Nik's first chopper ride.Not sick yet :-)Pilot to Co-pilot: uh, where's my co-pilot?  Nik!! There is no wing to walk on!!The men's retreat - what a view!! Beautiful GatlinburgA hike up the mountain to the waterfallHey!! We made it!!!

These Shoes Were Made For Walkin' and Ministry

Shoes were bought in L-R: Singapore, Russia, S. Africa, Bogata, Columbia and Costa Rica



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