From Fans and Church Members



Hello Nikita,

How are you doing these days? What are you currently doing?
Man have you been missed! I know it has been several years since you have been mainstream in the center of that squared circle but friend you made a major difference to the sport, trust me! Your contributions were  and are huge!! This sport today would not have the characters we love and love to hate like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg if it was not for your awesome performances, sweat and blood left embedded in our minds and hearts. Your fans are loyal! You, Ivan, Paul Jones, Rick Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Jay Youngblood, Terry Allen and several others have left a legacy that will always be remembered and treasured by the true fans of Professional wrestling. Each of your contributions are still present today. I know you must have heard this a million times but as a sincere long time fan of this sport, I owe you men gratitude for so many wonderful memories, memories I treasure, spent with my deceased grandparents on Saturdays watching and admiring you perform. With that being said Nikita, please accept my sincere gratitude and admiration. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!

May God continue to be with and Bless you and your endeavors!

The Real Professional Wrestling fan!


"Hey Nikita, you guys stirred up The Holy Spirit while in Tuscaloosa. I have been getting calls all day for Mon and Tues telling me what the weekend did for them. I pray you guys got a huge confirmation for The Power Hour! How can some of the guys get that cassette tape. I know it was only out on the table for TWO days but some are wanting to know how to get one? Thanks brother"


The fall out form the weekend has been amazing!!!  I can't say enough or put the words together about how VERY evident the Spirit of God moved this past weekend.  Me and some SOT brothers got to here from the guy who just showed up out of the blue Friday night, already had a few beers, wrestled with God that night and felt lead to come back Saturday.  He has been touched be the Lord and we are praying over him and encouraging him to sell out and give his life to the Lord.  He came to our SOT meeting last night and shared that with us.  I plan to push the Quest on him.   Another guy, Trent Davidson who you meet (x bama lineman), was so full of the spirit Saturday night he could not sleep and stayed up writing down 12 pages of notes the Lord was speaking to him.  He shared that message with our college ministry last night and everyone said it was obvious God laid that message on his heart.  I could go on and on, it was just incredible and we can't Praise God enough for what you 2 warriors are doing for the Kingdom.  God Bless my fellow warrior and keep in touch.  Look forward to seeing you in August.  If myself or any of the SOT brthers can serve you in any way or capacity on you quest here in Tuscaloosa, please let us know.


Mr. Koloff
 My name is Paxton and I just wanted to thank you and Mr. Luger for coming to the S.O.T crusade this past weekend at Zidon Avisha. I know we talk about the Quest and just wanted to let you know i signed up for it on August 18th at Zidon and I am looking forward to seeing you again. I really Thank God that he sent you and Mr. Luger to Zidon this weekend cause God really spoke to me this weekend. I really don't know if these are the right words but I thank you and Mr. Luger  for letting your flesh die and stepping out of the way and letting God use you as a vessel to speak to me and every Brother there. God is awsome. Thanks again for you and Mr. Luger to take the time away from your familys and from your personal lives to come to Zidon and share ya'lls story.

                                                          Love your Brother in Christ,

"I was at the service this morning and you and Lex gave the most amazing testimonies. I actually got to hear you about 2 yrs ago when you  came to Cordele to the Methodist Church for a revival and it moved me so much. You are truely an amazing person."


you are one of my favorite wrestlers. I was out of town when both you and Ivan where signing at legends , i was so bummed i missed Ivan as well. 

Thanks for all the great memories over the years.


Dear Brother in Christ,

You, along with Lex Luger, recently visited our church in Cordele, Georgia.  The message that you both delivered truly touched my heart.  During the invitation, you selected a song that was played and it touched my heart in a way that it hasn't been touched in quite a while.

I was raised in a Christian home by loving Christian parents.  However, I chose to pull away from God for quite a long time.  You see, I am one of those you talked about during the invitation...I've "played church" and shown up each time the doors opened, but failed to truly open my heart.  I felt tears rolling down my face during the invitation, but simply couldn't move my feet.  I came home after the service and found myself on my knees praying for forgiveness, acceptance, and begged God to give me the heart I once had that was on fire and passionate about my relationship with Him in years past.

Thank you!  Thank you!  I've wanted to "come home" for a long time, but thought my sins were simply too much. Thank you, and Lex, for reminding me that its all about coming "home" and opening your heart to His will, and His desire for me.  Both you and Lex were truly a wonderful blessing that I have needed for quite a while.  Thank you and may God continue to bless the ministry that you are both a part of.

In His Glorious Name,

How are you doing my friend?  It's been 33 months 18 days since I've taken Christ into my life.  It hasn't been an easy trip, but nothing worth having ever comes easy.  Recently I lost my grandmother who spent 88 years serving Jesus.  I will miss her, but I definitely know where she is at right now.  She's gone to take her place alongside Big Daddy.  I hope your are doing well.  A lot of my clients are impressed with your website.  May His Blessings keep coming your way. 

Team Training Director
Gold's Gym VB

Nikita Koloff,
A friend of mine gave me your book "wrestling with success" as a Christmas gift last year. I've read that thing over and over. I just wanted to thank you
for writing such a helpful book. I've had my own ups and downs with my own wrestling career and life over the years and wish I'd had this book back in the beginning!
Thank you for being such an inspiration to keep following my dreams no matter what!!!

Jimmy F.

I hope you are doing well in your travels with your ministry and spreading His word.  I am pleased to tell you that I have introduced some of the members @ Gold's Gym to Breaking the Chains and they absolutely loved it.  A lot of wrestling fans in this area too, as you may know.  And a lot of people are actually humbled, when I tell stories of how good men like you and Shawn Michaels and how you became great men once you came over to the Lord.  I gave them your website address so they can order your books.  You two will always be my favorites, and you especially, my friend.  No disrespect to Mr. Flair.  God is great to us in so many ways.  He's even blessed me with a wonderful woman in my life.  I used to wake up in the morning, feeling low, saying "Why me, Lord?".  I enjoy waking up now saying, "Thank you, Lord!"  My best to you.   Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.  God Bless you brother.


I thank you too for coming to Grace Brethren in Waldorf. I told Nikita after the show how much I appreciated it. My husband didn't want to come. Told my son how boring it was going to be. My son looked right at him and told him he wanted to hear Nikita talk about God. He told my husband he didn't think he would see him in Heaven. I watched my husband, John, listen to Nikita speak. I peeked and saw he made eye contact with him when he asked you to if you did not know if you were going to Heaven. When he challenged people to walk forward to commit, recommit etc. My son (little boy with LONG hair Nikita hugged while standing up there and was sitting right in front of him) and daughter went up. They had already accepted Jesus into their heart and have been baptized, as have I. My husband sat there quietly. The looked at me and said "I have to go up there." I just said "Ok". I cried. Looking at my children and husband standing up there together was something I never thought I'd see. Thank you both so much for being a pathway for God to bring people to Him. 


I thank you too for coming to Grace Brethren in Waldorf. I told Nikita after the show how much I appreciated it. My husband didn't want to come. Told my son how boring it was going to be. My son looked right at him and told him he wanted to hear Nikita talk about God. He told my husband he didn't think he would see him in Heaven. I watched my husband, John, listen to Nikita speak. I peeked and saw he made eye contact with him when he asked you to if you did not know if you were going to Heaven. When he challenged people to walk forward to commit, recommit etc. My son (little boy with LONG hair Nikita hugged while standing up there and was sitting right in front of him) and daughter went up. They had already accepted Jesus into their heart and have been baptized, as have I. My husband sat there quietly. The looked at me and said "I have to go up there." I just said "Ok". I cried. Looking at my children and husband standing up there together was something I never thought I'd see. Thank you both so much for being a pathway for God to bring people to Him. 




They are still talking about how well your ministry touched them at both  churches.

Rev. Miller of the Maybeury Church, asked me to tell you that if you are traveling thru and need a place to rest, you are welcome to stay at the parsonage (so long as there are no other guest at the time) and share a meal or two.

I enjoyed the time we had together.

God Bless You and your Ministry,




I just want to say what a wonderful witness you have been to me , Nikita.  You were one of the main reasons I got into Christian wrestling!!!  I have been lucky enough to see the fans come forward and dedicate their lives to Jesus. I have been wrestling for the past 6 years and my biggest joy is when I see peoples lives changed by Jesus through wrestling.


God bless,

Rob S

Mr. Koloff,
I was in Gastonia Saturday night at the match but I did not get a chance to come over and meet you,But my friend bought your book  after scanning the pages I felt like a different person to an extent, So this leads to my request

I have always been somewhat of stubborn person so could you please offer some guidance for me to get to know Jesus Christ and accept him into my heart as my savior any help would be greatly appreciated thanks for anything

you have to offer and I look forward to hearing from you.
James  W.



hi james, 

i am absolutely humbled by your request.  here's what i'd like you to do- i would like you to go to my web site www.nikitakoloff.com, click the icon that says 'FREE GIFT'.  read it and follow what it says.  email me back after. 

i'm praying for you. 



Hi Nikita,
I just read your free gift section of your web site, At the end of the prayer I closed my eyes and said a phrase of amen and I couldn't believe the feeling I had go through my body could you please send more advice you may have as I am looking forward to a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. Thanks Again James W.

Hi! I was at New Faith on Sunday Jan 27, I did not know what kind of message was going to be presented . I was suprised and touched by the stories that were given and the testimonies of faith that were given. At the end of the service I got up and gave my heart to god, with tears streaming down my face. I had a chance for the first time to come infront of everyone and ask god to forgive me for my sins. I felt alot of power in the service and I did not have a chance to come up to you after the service and tell you that. You were swarmed with people all around you, so I decided to thank you in this email. It felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders to ask Lord to forgive me and to come into my heart. I have never had interest in wrestling, and did not know what to expect from the service, but I was moved and inspired by the service. Thank you,

and God bless.



I hope you have a blessed Holiday!  Jesus' sacrifice was his way of showing his love for us.  His Resurrection showed He is our way to salvation.  Thanks for helping me see that.

God Bless you,

Dear Nikita:
While I was watching TBN today, I saw your Easter message where you stated that we are all kin.  
I feel that you are using your fame and notoriety in a way that is both beneficial and pleasing to the Lord. All I can say is, Well Done !!!
Please keep up the good fight in Christ Jesus corner, the bell hasn't rang yet, and when the three count is over Satan will be on his back and pinned.
Someday Jesus shall come again, if I don't see you sooner, I'll sure se you then.

I wanted to know when you are going to be doing ministry work in north carolina in 2008.I meet you last year in Burlington in September and your sermon was life changing all glory to GOD thank you Nikita for being a man of GOD


your brother in Christ

Dustin B.



I just wanted to tell you something.  I was saying my prayers last night and the Lord "spoke" to me regarding you and what you have brought to my life.  I know we haven't spent a lot of time together compared to most friends but we've spent enough together for me to consider you a dear friend.  You have meant so much to me over these past couple of years.  It's a friendship that truly developed through the love of Christ.  When I first invited you to Cordele, it never even crossed my mind that we might become friends.  After being around you, I began to admire the relationship you have with Christ.  I feel like even though Jesus is not physically on this earth right now He still has people on this earth to show us how to be more like Him and you are that person for me.  I hope we can always stay in touch because every time I get a chance to spend some time with you I'm lifted up and encouraged.    I'll be talking to you when we slow down.


Again, thanks for all that you are and do.  I can say without shame that I love you and hope and pray for the best for you.  Stay in touch.


Your Brother in Him,



Iím sure you get this type of email all the time but I felt compelled to contact you.  I was so taken by what I saw on the website that you lead me to today, from our chance meeting at the airport baggage claim area, about the person youíve become through the blood of Jesus Christ.  I pray that HE gives you the strength and conviction to continue to reach out to the world with HIS awesome power through your ministry to touch lives until HE calls you home.

Thank you for all you do for HIM.


Yours in Christ,


Jon D.

go to where the meaning of life for us as children of the Utmost High began. As you walk the path of our Lord Jesus and all our great and loyal forefathers be sure and receive ALL HE HAS FOR YOU!!! It's my prayer that you have let Papa strip you down in this time of preparation and that you'll go before Him as clay, as the dirt waiting for His life-giving breath to speak new direction into your paths. Acknowledge your enemy, our enemy, BUT MAKE SURE AND CONTINUE TO KEEP YOURS EYES ON THE LORD!!! I remember what you told me about the Quest and how your life will never be the same. But i also remember that at the Quest we were told that each day would bring greater blessing than the day before if we just let Papa pour into us. God is now going to take you farther up the mountain. You are about to be blessed in such a way that you may not be able to digest it's magnitude. Brother, go before God as a little child and recieve all that Papa has for you! We love you and are so very excited for you. You are an inspiration, a role model, a hero, but most of all you are a dear brother the Lord has put in our path that we may fight the good fight together! "As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countance of his friends."  go before Him and receive what our Maker is about to show you, give you, and restore to you!! CHAZAQ!


sir ray & Princess Dawn 

IM an x wrestler as well and I have to say you were one of my inspirations to get in the industry and I think you are a great man from knowing your history and your beliefs. You are a real stand up guy. You stood up tall in the ring, but you stand even taller with Christ.


Your Brother in Christ


I want to thank you for coming to lunch with my friends and I last Wednesday in Wilkesboro. It was a thrill for all of us to get to spend time with you and get to know you better. I especially was thrilled because I followed your career from day one. You were very gracious to allow us into your life and answer all of our questions. I always tried to figure out a way to meet you while you were a wrestler and did when I came down to your gym in 1989. I was sad to hear when you had retired but was really pleased when you went into the ministry. I came to the revival for three nights last week and was touched by your messages. You allow the Lord to speak through you in an amazing way. I plan to send financial support to your ministries on a monthly basis. If and when you are in the area again I would love to hear you speak again. If there is any other way I can support your ministry I would love to help. God Bless you .

                 Brian J

                 Wilkesboro, N.C.



I am the man you introduced yourself to at IHOP Sunday night.  I enjoyed meeting you and your dad.  I thought you looked familiar, and started to ask you if you were a pro-wrestler when I heard your name.  But honestly I thought "nah....couldn't be".


I used to watch you wrestle.  I am so delighted to see God hook your heart and to see (from your website) how you are doing such a wonderful work for Jesus.


Kanas City, Mo


I received this from one of the men here who helped me with the event this Saturday and wanted to share it with you. Listen to his heart...



 The thanks goes to God.  I can't tell you the emotion that was stirred when I had my head bowed and I heard Nikita saying "God bless you brother", "God bless you sister", and "Thank you brother".  Hearing him say that and knowing that people wanted to know God because of it was awesome.  And to be a part of it, I am speechless.  Talk about a Visa "priceless" commercial.  That could easily have been one.

Ten guys and girls coming here to make food from Alabama:    $500

Airfare for Nikita, Richard, and David:                                      $1000

Bringing non-believers to Christ:                                     PRICELESS



We had a time of praising the Lord last night and many people said how thankful they were of the Conference 

and how God moved in their lives! Also a lady who came forward on Wednesday night for some health 

problems she had been having shared last night that on thursday she went to a regular doctor visit and she 

was able to do things she hasn't be able to to in years! GOD IS GOOD! 

Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks for the Godly Wisdom the other day. God has big thing for you!


Pastor David



Your offer to help me with the Bible is a true blessing and one that 

I would like to take you up on if you can figure away.

Just to share a quick note - they say God speaks to people in different

ways. I believe with my heart he spoke to me today and this is how.

You sent me a letter last night and I never spoke with you before in
anyway. I replied to you this morning and you sent me another letter
offering your help with the Bible. After that I went to your web site and
seen a scroll on your front page about you, Sting and Lex being on TBN. I
clicked on and watched the show and enjoyed it.

Nikita, I thank you for showing up when you did, even by e mail - its an
awakening for me. I am going to be in the Feb 2007 issue of the Tri-State
Voice and yes, I will speak of you again.

Thanks for the offer with helping me with the Bible and I will start reading.

God Bless You .




Hey brother, I just want to say I have spent over an hour looking over your web-site. I am 37 years old and a father of 4 beautiful children that God has blessed me with. You was one of my favorite wrestlers when I was young. I wondered what ever happen to you and now I know.


Brother you keep up what you are doing, with the world the way it is today, we need more men like you to

step forward.


God Bless You !!!


Art M.

Nikita. I pray all is well with you and yours.


Hey, you inspired me to complete my 1st fast EVER-the Daniel fast that you explained to me earlier this year. I accompanied it with a Christian leadership conference, extended prayer and Bible study and it was awesome! I only did it for 10 days however I found it was a rather interesting topic of discussion at the office as with friends and family as a transition to speak about the Lord. Once again (as you have done so many times in my life Nikita) you have inspired and challenged me to grow in my walk with Christ. You are such a wonderful example Nikita, and I know I have never really told you how much I appreciate your guidance, but I do immensely.


Thank you once again,


Joe G.

Hi Nikita,


I am currently reading your book, Wrestling with Success.  It is very inspirational!  Your book is a tremendous influence to be successful no matter what a person does!  I never got to see you wrestle in person but you have always been one of my favorites and yes, even when everyone else was booing you.  I always knew there was a real person behind the character you portrayed. 


I love the fact that you have found Jesus Christ in your life!  I found him in February of 1990 and my life just wouldn't be the same without him in my life.   I didn't know you had become a motivational speaker.  I would

love to be able to come to hear you sometime.  I know your time is valuable so I will close.



Donna L.

We're from Southeast Church of the Nazarene in Pleasnt Garden, NC. 
You came to teach a youth rally on Mother's Day.  You came down the isle and
told us to come see you at the merch. table.  You prayed with us.  We liked that
a lot.  We just got through reading the book, Breaking The Chains.  It was
awesome.  We also got your tape of the story of your life on it.  That was good
too.  We just wanted to say thank you for praying with us and just wanted to see
how you and your family were doing.
God Bless.

awsome site i will add to favorites to keep up with your ministry, i
had tears in my eyes when i read how you turned it all over to the Lord.


I met you when you came to a men's meeting at South Concord Church Of God. to be honest with you i only

went to this meeting because i have always liked watching you.  i wanted to let you know that i really found

Christ that day, which led me into a visitation ministry. i travel alone with my wife around the country to

minister to kids in clown and mime, had you not obeyed the LORD that day i might be dead from a drug

overdose by now, Also the people that found the Lord may not have found him.


William L.

Hey Nikita,

 It's Toby.  Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your message last night. Man, that was powerful. 

A young girl that has been coming to church with Madison gave her life to Christ last night, and it was 

such a powerful experience to take her home and listen to her tell her parents. Just wanted to say thank 

and let you know I pray for you daily.  Love you man!



I wanted to drop you a line and say "hi". I recently bought the Road Warriors DVD, and there you were

in some of the scenes. You and "Uncle Ivan".  Also, I got my hands on some old NWA tapes, when you were

a heel. Man, you were the man. Please, let me know if you don't have any of this stuff, as it is no problem to

make you some copies and send them to you.  A few months ago, I found old wrestling pictures from '87

(you against Flair in Philly at the Civic Center and in '88 when you were a face with a box hair cut.

In that one, you and Ivan took on the Russian machines (or whatever they were called).


I hope the ministry and preaching is going well for you. Know, my brother, that you always have a friend in Springfield, VA (near DC). And you are still the man. Never forget it!


Stay strong, brother.


Ricardo M.




First off, I hope you get the chance to read this message. Yes, I will admit that I'm a huge wrestling fan and

have been since the age of 7. I could sit here and tell you of how much of a super smart mark I am, but

that's not the point of this email. I just wanted to tell you that I visited your website for the first time, for real no apparent reason other than curiousity on a Saturday afternoon, and was really taken by your honesty and the

courage you have. I have found Christ recently and have become a new born christian in training if you will.

My wife has been with the Lord for sometime now, and thank GOD for her patience, I'm  now taking the journey

in our faith together now. We go to Westbank Cathedral (GODS HOUSE) in Harvey Louisiana and we have an awesome church. I hope to see you and your message one day, and maybe I can speak to my pastor for one

day bringing you to speak to our church.


Thanks for the memories Nikita , your intensity and power is still the motivation I use in the gym every day,

however, your Christian teachings is what motivates me outside the gym.  Thanks for the wrestling memories

but most of all thanks for the motivation to attain success through Christ.


Michael G.

I was a huge fan of Nikita Koloff, the wrestler.  However, I'm simply blown away by what I now know of you as a person.  Keep up the great work.  You're influence on people, especially young people, is fantastic. 


God Bless


Darrell S.

Brother I just wanted to write you and update you on what has been happening in my life since I last saw you in Cordele, Ga. It has been 2 of the best months of my life. We have joined a fantastic, bible believing, Christ
centered church and God is working stronger than ever in my life.  I see things through his eyes that I never saw before and it is wonderful.  All I can say is THANK YOU for taking the time to share the word with me and I
hope I can be a leader in Gods ministry. Its incredible. I am in the process of reading your book again

"Breaking the Chains" and will be ordering your other writings as well.


Thank You Nikita.   




Chris H.

Just a note that I have read your book. Wrestling With Success. EXCELLENT!  Lots of ideas and guidelines to

do well. Every young person and all business people should have this in their Library.

Pat M.

You are truly an inspiration to anyone whom has followed professional wrestling or any other professional sport. 

I have read Wrestling with God and was profoundly effected by your story as well as those of Sting and

Ted DiBiase. 


As a kid I watched you and idolized you for your athletic ability.  As a husband and father, I now admire and

follow you as a Christian. I pray that your ministry is strong and that success is yours!  God Bless You and thank

you for your good work.


Steve S.

I just wanted to sign your Guest Book and thank you for being in the wrestling business.  You were my favorite wrestler back in the days of NWA when my cousins made me watch it. They loved the Freebirds and Von Erichs

and Flair, while you were the one I rooted for!!  I don't know what it was about you, probably your intensity and

the way you manhandled guys in the ring, you were just fascinating to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and never

knew what happened to you...now I know.  While serving in Bosnia for 7 months, I was able to purchase some

old school DVDs on the internet with a few of your matches, which definitely brought me back!! If I had to guess

what you were doing now, spreading the word would NEVER be what I had imagined. But I respect you and

wish you the best of luck.


Jeff F.

I grew up idolizing Nikita Koloff.  Your physical talents and the way you carried yourself really connected with me. 

As proud as I was to be a fan of yours, I am so very proud of the Christian Man that you are today.  I would love to have an autograph to hang in my home gym.  I'll keep you and your ministry in my prayers.  God Bless you and

all of your wrestling brothers for standing up and using your celebrity to spread the word!


Steve S.

Hey Nikita,

I want you to know that I truly received a blessing this weekend.  The time that I was able to spend around

you and to just take in the awesome spirit that you have.  I felt like I have known you for longer than just this weekend.  I wish that I could have had the opportunity to hear you speak in all locations. 
I hope that you had a safe trip home on Monday.  I am going to talk to our youth pastor about having you

into our church and possible have a community wide event and bring you in.  I hope that I can relay to him the awesome way that God is using you and the impact that you had on the youth and the adults also this weekend. 

GOD IS GOOD !!!!!!!!!

I have started reading your book this morning and I can't wait to get into it. I know that I will be blessed among measure.  I was told by my pastor one time that if I wanted to do great things for God that I was to find out

where God is working and get plugged in.  I have seen the way that God is truly doing a great work through

you and I want you to know that if there is ever an opportunity to be a part of your ministry I would love to

have the opportunity to be used and have the opportunity to serve Christ in a mighty way.
I also want you to know that I have committed to pray for you and your ministry on a daily basis.

In Him,



I wanted to thank you personally for the excellent program you had this past
Sunday in Aiken SC. I have been a fan for many years and it was a privilege
to meet a talk to you. I feel that your message was right on target with the
spiritual need of many Americans. Your enthusiasm and humor was a delight to
witness. Wrestling With Success was an extremely interesting book, so was
the cassette tape with your testimony. I look foward to hearing from you
again the next time your in Aiken. I am also interested in having you come
to my church at some point. What do I need to to have you speak?

Thank again,

Michael F

I haven't hear about Nikita in a while, actually I haven't seen wrestling for a few years, but about two months ago

I bought two wrestling dvd's where I found two of Nikita's most remembered matches. The last is history, I've

looked for Nikita on the web and I found by surprise that my favorite high school wrestler has become a Minister

for God.  Now I'm gona try to keep in touch  and hope some day I would like to listen some words of the Ministry,

even though I'm catholic.  See you.


Jose V.

Dear Nikita,


Last June I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure at 38 years old.  Although I was overweight (340 lbs)  the doctors told me I contracted a virus that attacked my heart,  my heart was enlarged and my ejection fraction

rate was 20%.

It was like a miracle. I found your book, bought and started reading and living the book.   So far I've lost 80  Lbs. 

and my ejection fraction rate is 40% .  My heart went back to normal size.. The doctors say I am a walking miracle. 

I owe it all to Jesus Christ, A strong wife, exercise and your book.  




Just thought I would let you know. I plan on meeting you on one of your stops in Ohio, and tell you thank you personally.


Sincerely, Brian Gregg Sr. 

 Dear Mr. Koloff,


I just finished watching your shoot interview I recently purchased off of ebay. And for roughly two hours, I was

13 years old again, as you recounted the behind the scene story's of events I watched as a kid.  But more

importantly than the wrestling aspect of your life, I was far more impressed with how you conduct your life

with your family.


IM 30 now, and I am blessed to have two tremendous children. I live in a home that's paid for, due to some very

hard work, and a few breaks in the stock market. IM a typical blue collar worker. And like you, I rarely follow the business anymore. I actually trained and wrestled for a short while, along with putting on a few shows. But I

quickly learned about the sports darker side, and it kinda pushed me away. I still long for the days when I was ignorant to how things worked. I wish I never knew what "kayfabe" and "the booker" meant. But that's neither

here nor there. I really just wanted to thank you for what you gave to the sport, and to me. I had a real bad life

as a kid, with a very abusive dad. And Saturday wrestling kept me sane and focused. I got me threw all the crap

in my life, and Nikita Koloff defending the US title, or winning the TV belt made me forget about those things. 

A few years ago, you traveled to our town in El Monte, CA to speak. But I had to work that day and missed it. But

I hope to someday meet you and personally thank you for what you have given me. I actually went out and

bought a replica of the UWF TV belt at one point. I parted ways with it to help a guy who started running shows,

and could not afford a nice belt. Kinda my way of giving back to the biz. Well, thank you for reading this, and

I wish you and your family the best.


Always A Fan,

Jeremy E.

Dear Nikita:


I was so impressed with your faith in God when I heard you speak at Providence Church of God on Hwy 24-27. 

I am on my journey towards strengthening my faith so that others will see the Heavenly Father living in me. 

I could use some suggestions as how to do this, or what books to read.  Your book "Breaking the Chain"  was outstanding, and you left a great impression on me by the way you conduct yourself around people.


Would it be possible for you to autograph a copy of your book "Wrestling with Success", and send it to me. 

Let me know the cost so that I can send you a check.  I will grateful for any help that you can give me.


Thanks for listening and I hope I will hear from you soon.




Darron A.




Dear Nikita,

Hello I just came across your WebSite here in Auckland New Zealand and loved it though was a bit nervous at

first hey I am born in England and turn 30 in March more and trying too for Jesus more, in Auckland NZ with special needs from birth and special to God, attend Christian City Church in Auckland NZ where lots are welcome no

matter what.

Hey I will keep you in my prayers and awesome that you,Sting are fighting for Jesus too me too my nickname is BatMan, I do Muay Thai Kick Boxing for Jesus,am a Actor's Extra,BatMan Impersonator,Live StandUp Comedian.

Hey was wondering can you let Sting know I am his official NZ loyal fan of him in black/white and was in audience

in Auckland when he came and I turned round,stood up,saluted him,I keep him in my prayers,he is one of my rolemodels in life,rocks as Steve Borden the actor too,he is one of my heroes for Jesus in his black/white outfit

If I could I would love to hear STING/Steve Borden talk live about Jesus.

I stay in Rehab Centre for people with dissabilities,special needs and am in Independence House on site. 

Yours Sincerely,

Andrey C.


My wife and I really enjoyed meeting you Saturday night, and helping with the pictures (in the ring) and the merchandise sales. We've been fortunate to meet a lot of the stars thru Don and Wally, and it was a real

pleasure to finally meet you (after missing you at the Charlotte event back at Thanksgiving). Your work back

in the day was always impressive. Don speaks highly of your work (and you) both back then and of your

endeavors today.

Please keep Don and Wally in your thoughts and prayers. They have had a tough time in the last couple of

years with the loss of their Mother (especially Don) and with the ongoing situation of their Dad's declining
health and nursing home confinement. Getting back together with guys like yourself always lifts their spirits,

but the day to day routine has been chipping away at them a little. Thanks for being their friend, it helps.

I've attached 3 pictures from Saturday night. One of me, you, and my wife (Velinda).

One of you, Don and Wally. And one of Don, Wally and Ivan.

Have a great week. Hope we cross paths again soon!

Elon, NC     

I was just going through your website, checking things out. I can't tell you how glad I am to see that you're

a Christian. I can remember as a kid watching wrestling on T.V. every Saturday morning. You were always

my favorite wrestler. So much so, that I named my dog Nikita. 13 years later, I still have Nikita. So, just

wanted to drop a line to say, I think you're doing a wonderful thing, telling the word of God! And, that I always admired you as a wrestler, but now you have even more of my respect because of who you are, and, who you

believe in! Which is the Lord Jesus Christ!

Take care & God Bless!!!!!!!!!!


Gary C.

Hey Nikita,

Thanks for the personal response...I don't guess you would understand, lol, but it's just amazing to me that

Nikita Koloff would email me.  I'm a 46 yr. old man now, but that star-struck kid is still in me I see.  To tell you

the truth, I'm not impressed with celebrity much these days.  I wouldn't get out of my chair to look out the

window if all the actors, musicians, and politicians this world idolizes were marching in a parade down

my street.  But Nikita Koloff...now that's a different story.

Please forgive me for sounding so childish.  You and I do have a mutual friend.  Someone who is worthy of our adoration 100%.  JESUS Christ, the Son Of God.  I'm so thankful to Him for giving His perfect life to save my

sinful soul.  And I'm proud to call you my brother in Christ.

I was a wrestling fan for many many years, I followed your career back to the old NWA...As I was browsing the internet I began to wonder what ever happened to you after all these years. So I started a search under your name...as a Christian, It was great to learn about your ministry and how the Lord is using you as a true warrior

for his kingdom. May the Lord continue to bless you!


Your brother in Christ


Jose A.



I was at a point where I did not know where to turn.  After seeing your site and and being overwhelmed ,

I realize now at the age of 38 what is missing in my life.  I have not let Jesus into my life,  I am not sure why,

maybe the death of my mother from cancer at 49 years old, all the "tests" that people say god is giving me....

well for what ever reason, I have finally realized that my wife, 3 year old daughter and Jesus are the main

focus in my life.  I became overwhellmed with emotion when I saw the picture of yourself , Ted and Sting. 

I have looked up to you guys for years and you mean alot to me.  Besides wrestling, the guys outside of the

ring are the guys I really look up to.


Please never forget the power that you have outside of the ring.  You have a tremendous impact on may people.


Thank you so musch for your time to listen to me and help me see the right path.


Your friend forever,

Dwayne S.

Dear Nikita


I doubt that you remember me, but I went with you on the Teen Mania Mission trip to Costa Rica in 2002.

We sat together on the plane ride up and back. You had asked me to stay in contact with you, which I didn't.

Sorry! I am doing very well. I attended Oral Roberts University last year, and then transeferred to a school

closer to home (I live in Kansas.) I don't know how long it will be before you answer this...whenever is fine.

I just wanted to thank for all you did for me on that trip. You may have not realized it, but meeting and talking

with you made a great impact on my life and helped me in many ways.I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks again and God bless.


Stuart J.

Thank you very much for your worship service at the Mid-Atlantic Fanfest.  It has changed my life for the better. 

I've been raised Catholic all my life and I even went to a Catholic Highschool.  I always had a relationship

with Jesus, but now I feel like it has been multiplied many times stronger.  I was king of just going through the motions; but now thanks to you, Ivan, George South, and Tully Blanchard I am back on the right path. 

Thank you so much for what you've done for me.  I hope to attend more of your services in the future. 


Big Mike