The 'POWER HOUR' is exactly what it says, an hour filled with the power of Holy Spirit through the voices of two men.  Lex Luger and Nikita Koloff have taken the action from the wrestling ring to a world that's wrestling for answers. 

On April 23rd, 2006, the "Total Package" Lex Luger became the complete package when he humbled himself to his knees and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.  One and a half years later (Oct, 2007), Lex found himself lying helpless on a hotel room floor, paralyzed from the neck down.  Left to rely only on his new found faith in Christ, hear Lex's powerful testimony how his faith and trust in the Lord and through the miracle working power of God, he is once again back on his feet.  And he's giving God all the Glory!


Nikita Koloff, "The Russian Nightmare", chose to walk away from main event wrestling at the young age of 33 while in the prime of his wrestling career. He left as uniquely as he entered the wrestling profession. His role in the 'POWER HOUR'  is to deliver a prayed up, spirit led, anointed message that will touch the heart of every listener, regardless of age.  He has now traveled to 25 different countries, ministering to audiences as large as 44,000 and as little as an audience of 'ONE.'

When you bring this dynamic duo to your town as they tag team with Jesus, your audiences will leave knowing the heard from the throne room of God. Lives will touched, hearts will be changed, not because of two men but by the hand of God through two men willing to be used by HIM!

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God bless.