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Taejon Christian International School, South Korea

Lafayette, Louisiana

Hmm, I wonder if they would enroll me.... AssemblyAssemblyAssembly


Dumfries, Virginia

Don't laugh... you're next!!!Nikita and JeffNikita and PaulNikita and Rob012700ministry1.jpg (95609 bytes)012700ministry2.jpg (102388 bytes)Nikita and Brian


Imperial, Missouri

Windsor HS, Imperial, Mo.Go Owls!Who's that looking on?Assembly with MDMTed, are you ever going to speak???Nik and Ted with Principal Phil Kennedy


Charleston, SC

A visit to Pender High SchoolPender High SchoolPender High SchoolPender High School with Kolby


Bellefontaine, Ohio

"if I let you hold the belt, will you let me enroll?"  "No."RiversideMan! Some of these kids are almost as big as me!!  Almost.Departing the messageFocus, focusAssembly


Tupelo H.S. Tupelo, Ok.

Kevin Mann, principal.  "You know Mr. Mann, I would LOVE to play HS football again...."You take that back!! I am NOT too old to go to school here!!Ahh, the joy of it all"Say hello to your new starting Tight End!""What do you mean I'm too old for HS football? I'll find a school that will let me in!"

Washington Elementary - Ada, Ok

Principal Rita Cloar "So, how's your football program here...."Student body"Who are YOU calling 'Shorty"'!?!?!Listen up now....Meeting the students"Is this the enrollment line?"Assembly"Ok, who thinks I look young enough to pass as a student here?"

Table Rock M.S. - Morganton, NC

"So, if I tell Mr. Leonard that AND schmooze you the assistant principal, you're sure they'll let me enroll here.""You're principal Jack Leonard? I noticed that your nail polish and shirt match your eyes...." "So I hear you used to be quite a wrestler in your time..."Assembly"I'll tell ya kids: when your schmoozing for a favor, make sure you don't mix people up..."

Whittier M.S. - Lorraine, Ohio

Hmm, I like that hat!  I wonder if she would notice if I snuck over there and..."Principal Robert Davila.  "You Mr. Davila, I AM letting you hold my belt...."Addressing the students"Look! Just because you have a belt, it does not mean you automatically get to enroll here!""Now in this sldie you'll see that it looks pretty bleak for me - Mr. Davila is pretty fast, but NOBODY runs away with MY belt!"

Rippon Middle School - Dumfries, Va.

Woodbridge Senior High - Woodbridge, Va.

Nikita, Pastor Greg, Hawk

Southern Huntingdon High School - Huntingdon, Pa

Yough Middle School and High School - W. Newton, PA.

Wayne High School - Wayne, Ok

Frazier High School - Frazier, Ok


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